Confused Driving

So there’s been a debate going on about making decisions and passing judgments. All because I watched a play called ‘The Bachelor Party’ with Ginuwine and Lammond Rucker.  Basically, dude called the wedding off because he found out his fiancé used to strip a long time ago. That right there erupted into a debate between the folks watching. What we came down to was passing judgments and making decisions.  Some folk tend to believe making a decision and passing judgments are the same thing.

Honestly, I blame the school system.  Apparently, we forgot what the definitions are of certain words.  We started jumbling them together. These are times I love because I can go back to the old fashion way and look it up in the dictionary.  I can squash all doubt and confusion and possibly educate folk in the mean and between time.

A decision is defined as a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration, or defined as the action or process of deciding something or of resolving a question.   If you lie to me and I find out and I DECIDE to stop talking to you because of it that is a decision I made, an action I took because of something you did.

Now, a judgment can be defined as the ability to make CONSIDERED DECISIONS or come to sensible conclusions or it can be defined as an OPINION or conclusion.  Now because this is a very important lesson to know, I feel compelled to define opinion. Bear with me. An opinion can be defined as a VIEW or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or KNOWLEDGE.   So we know everyone has an opinion, don’t mean a damn thing really. Now does it? So if someone says a person is a HOE because they are a stripper…I believe that person just passed a judgment.

Do you understand the severity of this situation?  This is a Christian society. Where high morals are looked up as top quality characteristics in a person yet these same people pass judgments every day.  I know there was written in some book that said we shouldn’t judge one another. I wonder why that is? Some people thought because I took up for the anonymous stripper that I used to strip myself.  That made me feel good because I know how to put myself in other people’s situation. But I’ve never stripped. If I could get on a stage and shake it I would.

My opinion would be just because  a person strips doesn’t mean they have low morals. This economy is hard.  People out here these days are really being grimy, getting over on people and really cutting the fool.  I would say those people have low morals. Anytime something you do starts negatively affecting other’s people’s lives it’s time to do what MIKE said and look at the man in the mirror.  

So the question isn’t, is a stripper a hoe.  The question is why do YOU feel that way? Reflection time.

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