Free Online Relationship Advice: Another Six Ways to know a man is CRAE

I hope you got a chance to read the first article on 7 Ways To Know a Man is crazy because those are important so you should definitely check that out if you already have not. Now if you did check it out you may still be like well my man didn’t have any of those 7 so I told you there was at least 13 so let me go ahead and give you the other six ways that you can know if your man is cracked or if amen is cray.

He calls you back to back when you just met him
Initially this might seem like the cutest and sweetest thing that this man does. You get off the phone with him and he calls you and then five minutes later he calls you again and oh you think it’s just so cute that he just wants to talk to you and he just wants to hear your voice. But what makes him crazy is the fact that when you don’t pick up the phone at 2:01 and then he calls you at 2:02 and then he called you at 2:03 and then he calls you at 2:04 best believe this man got a screw loose in his head and he is cray cray. Anybody with some sense knows that if I don’t pick up at 2:01 I could possibly be doing something and will not be picking up the phone at 2:02 but not a crazy man.

If you say you will call him back and he calls you back before you can call him back
This one is almost a piggyback off of the last one because sometimes you could be talking to a man on the phone and you will tell him that you need to call him back because you need to take care of some things and he says okay I’ll talk to you later. And then 15 minutes later he’s calling you back or he calls you back before you call him back is problem because you told him that you would call him back. Now this might not seem as crazy as some of the other ones but where is the respect if I tell you I’m going to call you back that means that when I’m free and I have the time to call you I will call you but for him to call you back before you call him back it’s like I can’t wait I don’t have no patience and I want to talk to you now so I’m going to call you now regardless of what you were doing and you may think it’s cute but I think it’s cracked.

If he tells you bad things will happen to you if you leave him and he just met you
Imagine just meeting somebody and maybe knowing them for a week or two and y’all get into a little disagreement and he has the nerve to tell you that bad things will happen to you if you believe him what kind of voodoo witchcraft stuff does this man have going on in his head. One thing I will not suggest is for you to ever believe that you will have that things happened to you just because you are no longer talking to this crazy out of his mind man you need to let that man go for the simple fact that you don’t want his curses to be true okay I’ll let mr. Crago.

If he expects you to act like his wife and you just met him
People don’t typically save anything for marriage anymore I mean they just want to get it all out while you’re dating so getting married would be just an extension of dating. But if a man that you just met expect for you to cook for him and clean for him and take care of him like you are his wife something is definitely wrong with this man. He could be a mama’s boy and you just don’t know that he’s a mama’s boy he’s expecting you to take care of him like his mama will take care of him or he did just want you to act like he act like he is your husband when he is just a man that is crazy so do not step until wifely duties unless you are a wife.

Young couple ignoring each other in bed.

If he gets mad on the first date when you say no to sex
Now this one right here it should go without saying that if a man gets mad at you on the first date cuz you don’t want to have sex with him you need to go ahead and leave this man alone because he’s showing signs of a rapist and a crazy man and you don’t need either one of those in your life. No man should be getting mad at you if you don’t want to sleep with him on the first date I mean what would be his mouth function honestly because waiting is nothing wrong with waiting so I would be like what is your problem you crazy man.

He talks about hygiene believe me he crazy
And last but certainly not least you have a man who constantly talks about hygiene constantly talks about how he takes 15 showers a day and he is constantly telling you that you need to take a shower or that you need to shave for the you need to do something with your personal hygiene and only crazy men do these things. There is nothing else to say about that only crazy man to tell you to shave your private parts and all that crazy stuff because most men know they’re not a woman so they’re not going to tell a woman how to be.

So now you have 13 good old-fashioned reasons to know if a man is crazy and if you should just move on now if you want to stay with this man knowing that he’s crazy that’s on you and whatever y’all go through you want to go through because you have definitely been warned.

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