Free Online Relationship Advice – How To Attract What You Want

The world of online dating is real and it is here so getting a little free online relationship advice won’t hurt because, hey it is free. If you happen to be new to online dating welcome and congratulations for trying something new and if you have been doing this for a while I congratulate you on wanting some advice. My advice will be very simple and all i ask is for you to have an open mind and get ready to date effectively. This article will be on how to attract what you want online.

Know what you want

This goes without any questions to get what you want you must know what you want first.This would be a good time to start jotting down some qualities that you are looking for in a mate. You can be as superficial or as detailed as you would like and honestly the more detail the better for you.

 If you want some one over 5’6, or someone who like children or dogs. Someone who is an outdoors person or a homebody, as long as you truly take sometime to think about it and write it down. This will come in handy for when you write you about me section on your profile. 

Be Open Minded

This can be very tricky especially when it comes to women because most of the time messages are flooding in your inbox on a daily basis on most dating sites. Just because you might not be interested in dating someone romantically does not mean that you might not meet a new acquaintance that could introduce you to your future partner. 

Be open mineded to meeting new people and ot just judging people on looks but see what type of conversation they have to offer.or what type of influence they could have in your life. You meet people for a reason or a season.

Be Engaging

This one is similar to the being open minded because when you are engaging and talking to other people and asking questions to others that will motivate them to believe that have some importance. 

You always want to treat people with respect because that same respect eill come back to you in an abundant way and you will be grateful that you treated people with a little decency, after all we are all just looking for someone to love.

Don’t Think Negative

Using the law of attraction this should be easy to comprehend. If you want a loving positive person you should also be loving and positive. Just because you run into a few duds online does not mean in anyway that every person you meet will also be a dud.

You muat remain positive and believe in your hear that you can attract the person you need in your life.


With all the advice I can give you in the world loving yourself will be the most important. It will ultimately be hard for you to truly be happy even with the man or woman of your dreams if you don’t truly love yourself. 

Letting go of past hurt and pain is a step in the right direction but being able to smile and be happy by yourself before you commit to someone else will make you both happier in the long run.

Many times people bring old hurt and pain from past relationships including the ones we have with our parents and this just m anifest into problems in your relationships.

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