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I know you’re looking at the title of this article and thinking there a ways to tell if a man is crazy? And I am here to tell you yes there are at least thirteen ways to tell that a man is crazy I am going to give you seven right now and if you take the time to read this and see any of these things in someone and you are dealing with then you might just need to accept that this man is crazy. Now I know some of these will be a little bit on the extreme side but we are talking about a crazy man so believe me the things that they do are very extreme.

In less than thirty days he called you a bitch
Know any man who feels the need to call you out of your name is not a man you should be wasting your time with. But when a man calls you a b**** he already knows that you don’t appreciate that name I mean what woman in her right mind has ever appreciate it a man calling her a b****. So if you get into an argument with a man and with in the argument he decides to throw out b**** to you you oh yeah this man is crazy you might need to move on unless you like to be called a b**** which I don’t think any woman does I mean don’t get me wrong women call other women b****** as like some type of endearing thing which it really isn’t but a man can’t call you a b**** and it be taking us about to the thing.

In less than thirty days he says y’all should have a baby
Now this one right here in less than 30 days he says that y’all should have a baby that alone sounds crazy that a man would say that to you to begin with. But let’s go a little bit deeper if in less than 30 days he is telling you that he wants to have a baby with you then you need to believe without a shadow of a doubt in your mind that he has said this to other women you are not the first woman that he said this too clearly this man just wants to have a kid and he wants any woman to bear his seat don’t you be thinking that you are super important and he’s only saying this to you because you’re the most special woman he has ever met because that will not be true this man is crazy believe that.

In less than thirty days he is trying to move in with you
Now is in less than 30 days he is slowly moving into your house from the jump you should think that he does not have a place to live of his own because why is he trying to move in with you. And what do you think life is going to be like once he moves in with you do you think he’s going to respect the fact that it’s your house and you pay the bills and you’re the one who’s been doing this before he even showed up no. Because this man is crazy and he is just trying to move in with you so he can have crazy control over you in your own home which is really just going to get put back out on the streets if he comes at a sane woman with his crazy behavior.

His mama tells you to run
Now this one right here she just be obvious if you meet a man’s mother and she basically tells you that you can do better than her own child then you should believe because this woman gave birth to this man she knows him probably more than he knows his own self and really she might just be looking out for you. Please tell me what woman with stick around and keep talking to a man after his own mother told her she can do better or tell her to run and tell her to get out while she can she don’t want to get caught up with this one or his mama says did he tell you how he is I mean everything like that is an indication that you just need to move on this man might be crazy because his mother is telling you that he is
He talks to himself
He talks to himself cuz there is no one to talk to people asking why why he do what he do. Have you ever heard that song before a man is talking about some crazy man who talks to himself because at the end of the day if you are around me and I kept you talking to yourself when you could talk to someone and you’re making a choice to talk to yourself do we have to explain why that is crazy. A lot of people with mental health issues in the talking to themselves because they either have schizophrenia or something else mentally gone wrong with them so he may not just be cray he may have a mental illness if he is talking to himself I mean just keep that in mind just keep that in mind.

He says the devil talks to him
I know you looked at this last one might not come on come on now. But this is for real I mean some men out there who will tell you that they are spiritual are very religious and that God talks to them okay I can accept that God talks to you but if the devil is talking to you then I need to move on because your ass is crazy. So if a man tells you in confidence because I don’t think a man when you first meet them is going to straight up tell you that the devil talks to them but when he does tell you that the devil talks to him you need to move on. This goes without saying like I shouldn’t have to say to you you need to move on from a crazy man who says that the devil talks to him.

I’m just going to stop right there even though I do have more so if you want to know six more ways to know if a man is crae just click on the link and figure out if your man is crazy face

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