What’s Wrong With Tito

Tito has everything a man could want.  He has his own place, car, education and money.  Tito doesn’t want for anything. He knows for a fact that he can get any woman he wants.  Any woman. Except, Lisa. Lisa is Tito’s ex and she wants nothing to do with Tito. Tito calls Lisa at least three times a day and that was a cut back from ten.  Lisa and Tito have been broken up for the last three months and Tito cannot comprehend why they have not gotten back together.

Lisa would be considered a runner.  She runs from her problems and runs from meaningful relationships.  This time, Lisa said, she would try to be and do better. This time, Lisa said, she would actually put forth some effort in the relationship to try to make it work.  But Lisa just couldn’t take Tito a moment longer and just when you thought she was gonna call it quits, Tito breaks up with her.

Tito and Lisa were together for 3yrs.  In those three years they had 549 arguments were the decibel levels were scary. 121 arguments were things got a little too physical. 78 arguments were Tito called her a bitch. 35 arguments that ended up in a break up and 12 arguments were Lisa packed her clothes and moved out.  Out of the 1,326 arguments they had in their three years, Lisa consistently begged for the arguing to stop.

Some couples enjoy the back and forth banter between the two.  It makes them feel alive and it shows the passion in the relationship.  Lisa and Tito were not one of those couples. Lisa is Christian. Tito is an Atheist.  Lisa is a Democrat. Tito is a liberalist. Lisa believes in the system. Tito believes the system is corrupt.  After a while, both people question how they ever got together in the first place. Tito questioned if their relationship would stand the test of times, and after saying that 40 times, Lisa had had enough and Tito jumped ship.

So now the question remains, what’s wrong with Tito?  Why is he all but stalking Lisa right now? Why is he showing up at her house after 12 o clock in the morning, tapping on her window, yelling her name outside amongst the stars?  His problem is that she don’t want him and he can’t understand it. His problem is that he doesn’t understand that if it hurts, if it brings pain, if it stresses you out…it’s not love. His problem is that you doesn’t comprehend that Lisa hasn’t changed, and even if they got back together, until Lisa is truly ready to change the way she handles herself in a relationship nothing will change. His problem is that he can not NOT be wanted and he will have to live with that until Lisa picks up the phone.

Keep trying Tito.

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